Friday, February 26, 2010

IGA Have Gamers Peeved

It’s clear when seeing a video game you’re not seeing real-life content. It’s not a filmed video but to a gamer, during the time he/she is gaming they are very much a part of this virtual reality world. The virtual reality world creates a fantasy that includes weapons, costumes, characters or environmental factors that cannot be found in real life.

Today, advertisers have taken notice of the growing popularity of video games and have already begun to use it as an advertising platform. They have placed billboard and out OOH ads into games, including ones whose premise does not fit well with an ad (Halo, for example). Gamers are claiming that these sorts of ads disrupt the gaming experience and refer to the gaming publishers as “selling out.” The lack of congruency between an ad and a game’s premise lacks the subtlety that is necessary in order for brands to not build bad reputations with their consumers.

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