Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Facebook: Legislation Puts Limitations on SNS

Facebook recently made it possible for third-part sites to automatically access user data from the Facebook network. The company also just created a way for displaying user activites on those third-party sites in the Facebook environment. Days after these new features, legistlators and Washington stepped in to regulate this use of consumer data. These leaps in marketing research and tactics have government officials worried about the implications on consumer privacy online.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are currently or already set the groundwork for a highly targetable approach to consumer advertising. The trend in research now is not what sites you’re coming from or where you are located, but who are you connected to. If this sort of trend continues without some sort of guidelines or restrictions put in place, the fall out for SNS could be huge. Consumers could eventually see SNS as an imposition or marketing threat to their friends and family. There must be some line drawn that says here, this is how far it is okay to go before you are oversaturating and abusing consumer rights.

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