Saturday, May 1, 2010

PETA Buys Ad Space on Dead Man's Urn

Media is everywhere!

In order to help his wife pay for the cost of his funeral and creamation, an Oregon comedian sold the space on his urn as ad space to PETA. The animal rights group paid $200 for the space.

Their copy will read:

"I've Kicked the Bucket -- Have you? Boycott KFC." And another: "People who Buy Purebred Dogs Really Burn Me Up. Always Adopt."

Though I’m not sure the exact ROI of this, I highly doubt PETA will get very much reach on a dead man’s urn sitting on his wife’s mantle. PETA is known for their radical publicity-generating efforts, so this stunt definitely falls in line with their usually tactics. However, I’m not sure the context fits very well with their cause or the ethical implications that result from buying ad space from a dying man to put on his urn. Either way, may he R.I.P.

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