Thursday, May 20, 2010

Talk about seamless integration...

My roommate sent me a link to this song, Patron Tequila by the Paradiso Girls. At first I was annoyed by the youtube ad that prerolled before the song came on but to my surprise, it wasn't a commercial! It was the video itself. Now I've heard of commercials becoming less like ads and more like featured entertainment, but never have I seen a music video aim to appear so much like a commercial. The dr. dre headphones (which are entirely WAY to expensive and can easily be defined as excessive) are the focal point of the entire song and drive the video's storyline. Regardless of my own opinion about the new dre headphone fad, the advertiser did a phenomenal job of grabbing the attention of the consumer (me!) and plugging the headphone brand as well as Best Buy.

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