Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tonic Water Company's Sweet Revenge

Paso de los Toros is a company that produces bitter tonic water. This year for Valentine ’s Day they created a unique campaign that utilized the broken heart feelings of people who had been hurt by their ex. The idea of the campaign: Revenge is the best way to get back at an ex for pain and suffering but not in merely a physical sense. Paso de los Toros gave their consumers a way of immortalizing their revenge forever. The campaign asked people to go online and submit a message to their ex. The best lines were collected and made into a book and immortalized forever. The tonic water company, with the participation of some of the world’s best illustrators put together a book of the 72 best messages. Here are a few examples:

C: Thanks for leaving me after paying for the surgery, my boyfriend is appreciative!

R: Do you still have a pain in your stomach? Tomorrow I’m going to poke your liver with a pin.

The book was translated into English and Spanish and consisted of 6 chapters, each with a different theme. The main idea: “To stop with the sweetness” (also the company’s tagline) of Valentine ’s Day.” Books were sold in bookstores all over Argentina and 50 books were donated to the Book Crossing program, to help them spread organically. The company incorporated Twitter, Facebook and yielded great results of over 100,000 visits to the site, 6,000 messages, 2,000 books sold in 3 weeks and 72 ex’s with peace of mind. I guess revenge can be sweet sometimes, but Paso de los Toros tonic water, never.

Paso de los Toros Tonic Water - Immortal Revenge from BBDO argentina on Vimeo.

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