Friday, March 19, 2010

The World's Biggest Sign Post

When people think about navigation they don’t think about Nokia. Nokia wanted to change this. They wanted to inspire their consumers to use the navigation system on their phones from the web. The problem: most people see navigation as something that takes you from A to B, it’s not fun or engaging. They wanted to make it into something social between their consumers. So, they created the world’s largest interactive signpost.

In London, they raised a digital arrow up on a crane for passer-byers to see. The crane would turn periodically and point out people’s favorite locations by listing the name, address and including the name of the person who sent in the information. People could text in locations and within moments the crane would move and tell you how far the location was. Nokia kept track of the arrow and information via a livestream on their website. They mapped out all the locations people had entered. This physical instillation was powered by people and became more than just a way of telling you how to get to point B, but also something fun and engaging.

The World's Biggest Signpost from adghost on Vimeo.

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