Saturday, March 20, 2010

Itty Bits of StickyBits

During SXSW Interactive, StickyBits presented an app that lets users attach videos, photos, audio or texts to real world objects with barcodes. How does it work? First you have to download the app onto an iPhone or Android. The phone can then scan a barcode and users upload a piece of content connected to that barcode or view what others have already upload to it. The content can even be uploaded to the consumer’s phone and geo-tagged, making it available to them and friends via their social-media profile.

What does this mean for advertisers? Well, consumers have already started to download the application and uploading content to products. Companies like Doritos, Ben and Jerry’s and Campbell Soup have already taken note and created their own marketing efforts using StickyBits. However, with companies lacking the ability to control what content gets posted to their products, consumers have complete hold over how a brand can be portrayed. Though the invention of the StickyBits app may seem like a worthwhile opportunity, what will happen if a disgruntle consumer uploads negative content to a product? This could lead to a downhill spiral very fast…

StickyBits on an iPhone:

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