Friday, April 2, 2010

Domino’s New Taste Yields Success

Last year Domino’s announced its big change: a completely new, revamped pizza that included fresher ingredients, better ingredients and most notable (in my opinion) a seasoned crust. In the message for this campaign, Domino’s were blunt with their consumers. They went to consumers and listened to their responses about the pizza. They came back with insight about their pizza tasting like cardboard and weren’t afraid to let everyone know. They told the world that their pizza had been “real bad” and that it was time for a change. They made this change and soon followed an ad blitz, everywhere you went, Domino’s was. Their efforts resulted in much free press in the form of print, news shows and blogs that were taste testing the product. Today their stores have averages a 14% increase in sales. This is huge! This is a great example of how one key insight led to the creation of a better tasting product, a revamped ad campaign and increased sales.

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