Saturday, April 10, 2010

Does Facebook Offer a Refund?

What an absolute marketing fail. Facebook, the community-oriented site (primarily used by marketers looking to advertise on social networking sites) definitely missed the target with me. Recently when I was on Facebook the following ads popped up in my side bar:

So, according to Facebook I have recently been dumped and am current stalking my ex-lover hoping to reconnect with him one day. I also recently had a baby (congratulations to me!) and diapers along with other baby-essentials can be found on my grocery list. And finally, and probably most fitting, I am in the market for a makeover—decomposing, zombie-girl style. I guess they got me right on the mark. NOT! I’m not sure what keywords from my profile helped them pick out these three ads, but I hope these companies didn’t intend to target a happily single, childless college student, with no desire to throw a ton of make up on her face. Though, I will say, this is a bit refreshing compared to the usual ads I get looking for an Indian college student willing to sell her reproductive eggs. So, thank you Facebook.

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