Thursday, April 15, 2010

If Marlon Brando Drank Beer, I Bet He’d Drink Stella

Stellaa! Stellaaa!! Okay, it’s not Marlon Brando or A Street Car Named Desire, but it is definitely a movie to be seen. Belgium beer company, Stella Artois launched an online campaign that is catching the attention of beer, and even non-beer, enthusiasts. The interactive marketing effort connects users’ Facebook profiles with the website and careful scripts them into the short film. Through the use of Facebook photos, the campaign turns each user’s experience into life.

The film’s storyline takes place Miami-like city after the death of Jacques de’Azur. During the reading of his will, it becomes apparent that his weekend at the Cannes film festival is up for dibs. The wealthy, prestigious family is now on a hunt to find who should represent Jacques de’Azur at such an event. The storyline goes on to incorporate photos of Facebook friends as well as the users’ own albums. At the end, the movie asks if you’d like to continue the story of the de’Azur family’s effort in finding who gets to receive the weekend at Cannes. Ultimately, users are given the opportunity to enter in a contest to win the all inclusive weekend. This high quality video and level of engagement definitely sets the bar high in providing a meaningful user experience, which can be rare in this industry.

See the story yourself:

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