Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Army Recruitment Video

Even for the troops in Iraq, sometimes you just need to dance it out. I came across this video of a group of US Army troops who seem to be having a really great time ‘dancing it out’ to Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s song “Telephone.” In about a month the video has already receives almost 4 million unique impressions. Could this be a better marketing piece for the US Army? It’s definitely a win for the military as we get to see a group of bad-ass soldiers dance it out (in the appropriate outfits of course!) and attempting to lip sing.

This is clear consumer generated content (I highly doubt they were under any kind of orders to create such a video) and with so many unique views in the matter for 30 days and a slew of comments and postings, it easy to see the benefits of this sort of unintentional marketing effort. It is simple, organic, entertaining and more importantly believable. As a consumer, we are more inclined to buy into what our fellow consumers are telling us than an ad. Is it inspiration for a 2011 military campaign? We shall wait and see…

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