Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iron Man 2

It’s hard to not be aware of the fact that Iron Man 2 will hit the theatres in about 2 weeks. From Dr.Pepper can wraps and 7-11 slushie cups to Burger King and Reeses candy packaging. Marketing efforts of Iron Man 2 can even be found on the latest version Norton Anti-virus and the Audi automotive campaign. The most impressive marketing tactic created by the company is a flashy digital campaign including a HD interactive trailer for the movie itself. A slew of brands have attempted, and many successfully, to create a fully engaging experience with their fans. The Iron Man 2 campaign allows users to explore the world of the main characters Tony Stark and Iron Man through the movie’s interactive trailer. As users watch the trailer places are “lit up” allowing them to click and explore more. Iron Man 2 is definitely leaving a presence in the mind of consumers and their online interactive campaign is something to take note of.

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