Monday, April 12, 2010

I'd Go With Diesel

A brand’s website—especially in the consumer product world, is vital to ecommerce. If your site isn’t user freindly or engaging, consumers won’t want to use it. This could mean huge potential profit lost from online shoppers. Diesel’s current website, featuring their spring and summer collection brings together entertainment and functionality. They provide a great balance between the music-video like on their homepage and the user’s ability to scroll over the outfits during the video to view them. This transition, which I’m aware sounds complicated, is in fact really easy to use. The video itself adds to the brand experience, taking it away from the sense of “selling a product” (which essentially that’s all they are doing) to “an engaging experience.” In this case, Diesel does little to promote the name “Diesel” but instead highlights the clothing.

Watch the video, you’ll get it:

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